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Bachelor of Business Administration (International business management) High quality program

Language of Instruction: English Location: Foreign Trade University, Hanoi campus Duration: 4 years full-time Assessment: Coursework andexams plus thesis/ or internship& final comprehensive exams PROGRAM OBJECTIVES The goal of the program is to educate graduates approaching advanced world-class qualifications who are well-prepared for the qualities of political, ethical, comprehensive professional skills and knowledge, practical skills for self-studying, working independently, […]

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Cross-cultural management syllabus

This course addresses the complexities and challenges associated with international management by emphasizing both organizational behavior and human resources management in terms of cross-cultural implications and applications. This course covers issues related to managing people in the international workplace and interacting effectively in an international environment. Detail of Cross-cultural management syllabus: LINK.

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Business Administration Undergraduate Advanced Program: International Business Management Major

The purpose of the Program is to educate high quality human resources in such fields as international business administration as to satisfy the demand of Vietnamese corporations as well as international companies, by providing skilled and knowledgeable professionals up to international standards, who are equipped with good knowledge about international business management, business practices and […]

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