Embarking on the journey of self-discovery and self-understanding is akin to a long road. As we push forward and encounter stumbling blocks, we gain deeper insights into ourselves. However, those of us who consider ourselves “long-distance runners” may occasionally encounter obstacles that lead to confusion about the suitability and correctness of our chosen path or even the temptation to give up altogether. 

If these concerns resonate with you, fret not, as FBA Elite is here to help. Addressing your innermost feelings, we are excited to announce the upcoming series of CAREER EXPLORE PROGRAM events: “ROADMAP TO DREAM UNIVERSITY,” scheduled for this July. The primary aim of this event is to support students in nurturing their soft skills and guiding them towards suitable majors for self-orientation. Our program comprises two main stages: 

️ STAGE 1: WEBINAR – “SOFT SKILLS, HARD VALUE” This webinar is designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of essential soft skills, offering methods to enhance and develop self-awareness and communication. The goal is to bolster confidence in interpersonal relationships by heightening awareness of one’s own strengths and weaknesses. 

️ STAGE 2: CAREER FAIR – “SHINE YOUR LIGHT” The career fair seeks to enlighten students about various industry sectors, such as Human Resource Management, Event Management, Marketing Management, Service Business Management, and Hotel Management. Additionally, we offer career guidance to provide students with a clearer perspective on profession selection and a more practical understanding of the journey towards choosing a suitable career and institution. 

🔥 The CAREER EXPLORE PROGRAM: “ROADMAP TO DREAM UNIVERSITY” holds the promise of delivering valuable insights to students. We urge you to secure your slot by registering promptly! Be sure to follow the Elite Career Center Fanpage for the latest updates and announcements.