With the purpose of providing students with interesting experiences and practical knowledge about the hotel management industry, the Faculty of Business Administration of Foreign Trade University specifically organized an in-depth wine seminar for students. Student K59 high-quality Hospitality Management on December 6th. This seminar has the special return of Mr. Mark Walker – Beverage Manager of JW Marriott Hanoi Hotel. In addition, from the Faculty of Business Administration, there is also the participation of Dr. Bui Thu Hien – Deputy Head of the Faculty of Business Administration and lecturers of the Department of Hospitality Management

In this seminar, Dr. Bui Thu Hien expressed her sincere feelings to all final year students of the Hotel Management class, as well as a deep thank you to Mr. Mark – the special guest of the seminar. K59 high-quality Hospitality Management class received great spiritual encouragement to get ready for their final internship before graduation!

With more than 10 years of experience in the F&B field and 5 years working at JW Marriott Hanoi hotel, Mr. Mark Walker brought a lot of useful and interesting knowledge to the seminar. He shares the process of properly enjoying a bottle of wine through four steps: look, smell, taste, analyze. In more detail as below:

Look: check clarity, intensity, color

Smell: is the taste of the wine clear? What level? Primary fragrance (fruits, herbs, flowers, …), secondary (cheese, bread, …) or tertiary (nuts, dried fruits, …)?

Taste: sweetness, acidity, alcohol, tannin (a textural element that makes the wine taste harsh), body (richness of the wine when it touches the palate), aftertaste (short, medium or long)

Analysis: Does the wine taste balanced or unbalanced? How is the quality of the wine?

In addition, Mr. Mark also shared about the diversity of grapes, climate and geography of wine growing regions in the world. Based on all of the above factors to conclude whether the wine bottle is of quality or not.

During the Q&A session with the speaker, the students were very active in asking questions about the working environment and development opportunities in the F&B field, especially in the Beverage segment. Taking this opportunity, Mr. Mark also answered questions about working opportunities at JW Marriott Hanoi hotel. He also shared more about his working journey in the industry, his experiences and pride during his 5 years working in Vietnam with the JW Marriott Hanoi hotel, which brought a lot of inspiration to the students.