Instruction for mid-term internship for students in Faculty of Business Administration

Objective of the Internship

Mid-term Internship aims to create opportunities for students to initially be exposed to and learn about business practices of enterprises and then write internship reports. During the internship period, students perform work assigned by the internship-receiving company; find out the characteristics and situation of the unit, the results achieved, the existing difficulties and the causes; find out the direction, business development plan, and expected innovation of the company in the future; study theoretical and practical documents; policies and regulations of the State related to the operation of the unit where students practice and write internship reports.

Through the mid-term internship, students can determine the research direction for the graduation thesis or establish relationships for the graduation internship.

Organizing of mid-term internship

Internship lasts for 5 weeks

Some instructions

– Students contact the internship companies by themselves and notify the internship instructor.

– Students regularly contact their instructors to complete internship reports.

– Students need to get confirmation from the internship company about: internship time, students’ performance and attitude during the internship and the content of the internship report (if necessary). The certification of the internship place must be stamped and signed by an authorized person.

– Internship reports that do not match the internship company will not be accepted.

– Students should choose businesses, economic organizations as their internship place, if the internship is macro – economic management agencies, it is necessary to have the consent of the instructor.

– Instructors should direct students to write about business management issues. Students choose a research problem related to the main activities of the unit where the internship is inplemented. Issues raised must be approved by the instructor. Students should meet/discuss to their instructors at least 3 times.

Suggested outline and internship assessment: LINK.