Introduction to the FBA Elite Talent Student Association of the Faculty of Business Administration- Foreign Trade University

The FBA Elite Talent Student Association, officially established in 2014 under the auspices of the Faculty of Business Administration at the Foreign Trade University, plays a pivotal role in nurturing business management excellence. Comprising the cream of the Business Administration department, supported by Faculty of Business Administration, alumni, and corporate partners, FBA Elite focuses on developing students’ knowledge and skills through practical career-oriented projects across Hanoi.

At its core, the Elite Career Center, operated by FBA Elite, serves as a Career Development Center, aiming to deliver sustainable and high-quality value to economics students at large.

  • Slogan: Explore The Light Inside You
  • Core Values: C.O.P.E
  • Organizational Culture: Together Eliters Achieve More – T.E.A.M

Mission: FBA Elite, driven by its members who are the essence of the Business Administration students, supported by faculty, alumni, and industry partners, is committed to developing the core human resources of future leadership. This mission entails comprehensive personal development in both knowledge and skills, alongside providing sustainable and quality values to the student community through high-quality and practical career-oriented projects.

Vision: As one of the two largest student associations at the Foreign Trade University and the first under the direct sponsorship of the Faculty of Business Administration, FBA Elite aims to lead as Vietnam’s foremost student organization, pioneering the development of high-quality human resources.