Message from Dean of the Faculty

The Faculty of Business Administration, Foreign Trade University, was founded in April 1999 in the context of Vietnam’s extensive joining into the globalization process and its integration into the world business. The establishment of Faculty has generated an important landmark for FTU: turning from a single-discipline college into a multi-discipline university. This development is in alignment with the universities’ trend in education and training, and with the market demand of human resource in business administration and international business administration.

In this situation, the Faculty of Business Administration has the mission of educating and training the high quality human resource in business administration and international business administration at both undergraduate and graduate levels, in order to support the national socio-economic development and globalization. Another mission of the Faculty is to conduct research projects, to cooperate and exchange researchers with research and educational institutions, both domestically and internationally, in order to improve the lecturers’ professional capacity.

At the very beginning, the Faculty had only one major – International Business (presently known as International Business Administration). Until now, the Faculty has founded and educated 2 more majors. The Faculty not only develops new majors, but also focuses on enhancing the training quality towards international standards. Thanks to the team of dynamic and devoted lecturers together with the advanced curricula/syllabi, up-to-date teaching methodology, the Faculty’s students are able to access to the update knowledge in business management, to improve their creativity and critical thinking, and to effectively apply the professional knowledge into their careers. The High-quality Class in International Business Administration (totally taught in English) has been implemented to support the standardization of the Faculty’s curricula up to the international standards. The Faculty has created a modern training environment which is attractive not only to students but also to managers via short-term training courses and consultancy activities.

Inheriting and further developing the training tradition and reputation of the Foreign Trade University, and also combining with its dynamics and flexibility, the Faculty has quickly affirmed its position in education and training activities and in doing research. The Faculty has effectively contributed to supplying the high-quality human resource for Vietnam’s economic development in the context of integration and globalization. Graduates from the Faculty have quickly found suitable jobs, and many of them have now hold key positions in businesses and governmental bodies. This is a lively evidence for the initial success of the Faculty, and is also a strong motivation for us to further devote for the Faculty’s development.

Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lê Thái Phong