PROGRAM SPECIFICATION: HIGH QUALITY IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (issued by decision number 2665 /QĐ-ĐHNT dated 16/07 /2023 by The Principle of Foreign Trade University)

The high-quality undergraduate business administration curriculum is an English-taught, application-oriented bachelor’s degree program. The program equips graduates with the credentials required by the world’s most prestigious universities. The program is built on the educational philosophy of the University of Foreign Trade and the training philosophy of the Faculty of Business Administration.

A contemporary, forward-thinking approach to human resources combined with exceptional commercial acumen across industries. The curriculum equips students with a breadth of management expertise in areas such as human resources, marketing, finance, strategy, leadership, and innovation. The curriculum teaches students how to think strategically, make ethical commercial and social decisions, manage innovation, and manage people through change and management. administration in a multicultural setting. Provides flexibility and nurtures young researchers in the field of business administration, laying the groundwork for further study at the graduate level.

Detailed Program Specification: LINK

Detailed Courses syllabus: LINK.