Research activities of Faculty of Business Administration

In addition to the major duty of teaching and training, doing research is an indispensable function and activity of each lecturer of the Faculty. The Faculty always determines that the improvement of the quality of teaching staff has to be accompanied with the improvement of the capacity of scientific research. Research contributes to the accumulation and update of knowledge and teaching quality, the innovation of teaching contents and methodologies. Despites of being a faculty with young teaching members who have not that much experience in doing research, the scientific research activities of the Faculty during the past years have taken place excitingly and obtained a lot of significant outcomes.

The research activities of the Faculty members include: execution of scientific research projects of all national-, ministerial- and university-levels, publication of articles on domestic and international professional journals, organization of annual scientific research conferences, and submission of papers to scientific research meetings inside and outside the university. Other activities such as republication of textbooks, compilation of new textbooks for courses of educational majors of the Faculty are always emphasized.

Research projects: Scientific research activities of Faculty of Business Administration have been more and more highly valued and proliferated. The research outcomes can be demonstrated by the increasing numbers of research projects. While during the academic year of 2006 – 2007, there had been only 3 successfully defended projects and 3 newly registered projects, in the academic year of 2007 – 2008, lecturers of the Faculty had 9 Ministerial-level research projects timely defended and 6 brand-new projects registered. Most of these are Ministerial-level projects (often ordered and governed by the Ministry of Education and Training, and Ministry of Industry and Trade). The projects have been frequently upgraded with larger sizes and better quality. Many of the projects, after being approved and defended, have been published as professional books to support the teaching and studying of lecturers and students of the Faculty.

Faculty’s seminars and conferences: Annually, the Faculty of Business Administration organizes the Faculty research conference. The conference is not only an event of research activities for lecturers of the Faculty but also an open forum for lecturers of other divisions of the University, and for national and international researchers. This is the forum for researchers to discuss theoretical and practical issues of business administration and international business. The conferences of the last 3 years included:

Academic year of 2006-2007: International research conference with the theme of “Competition law and policy in Vietnam – Enforcement of Law on Competition 2004 and experience of the Federal Republic of Germany” with 28 papers. The conference attracted the involvement of researchers inside and outside the university, especially the participation of scientists from the Federal Republic of Germany.

Academic year of 2007-2008: The Faculty’s Conference with the theme of “International Business in the context of globalization” was held with 35 papers.

Academic year of 2008-2009: The Faculty’s Conference with the theme of “Business Administration – Theory and Practice” with 32 papers, of which are several papers in English.

International Cooperation in Research: The capacity of doing research of the Faculty of Business Administration is also demonstrated by the ability to perform a multitude of cooperative research activities with foreign partners. The Faculty of Business Administration is proud of being one of the most productive faculties of Foreign Trade University in terms of international cooperation in scientific research. Several outstanding cooperative activities in doing research of the Faculty are as follows:

– February 2003: coordinating with CIDEGEF (International Organization of Leaders of French – speaking Training and Research Institutions) to hold the International Workshop with the theme “Operation of foreign enterprises in developing countries” with the involvement of researchers from French-speaking countries.

– Coordinating with MUTRAP (Multilateral Trade Assistance Project of European Union for Vietnam) to hold the training course on “Fundamental issues of international trade law and states in the context of globalization”.

– Associating with DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst – German Academic Exchange Service) to successfully hold the International Workshop on competition law and policy in Vietnam.

– In the academic year of 2007-2008, the Faculty associated with the Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS) to hold the program of “Entrepreneurial Training”, attracting the participation of over 70 lecturers from many universities in Vietnam.

– The Faculty coordinated with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the international auditing Company PwC (Pricewaterhouse&Coopers) in the organization of intensive talks in English for lecturers and students of the Faculty of Business Administration with the theme of “Corporate Social Responsibility – International experience and practice in Vietnam”, held on 17th April, 2009 with the involvement of Mr. Tay Kay Luan, ACCA regional Director of ASEAN and Oceania.

Furthermore, the Faculty has also carried out plenty of cooperative research activities with foreign organizations such as the Faculty of Law, University of Augsburg (the Federal Republic of Germany), the Secretariat of ASEAN (Asia Link Project), DANIDA Project of Denmark (Danish International Development Agency), etc.

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