Social Business Creation Edition 2019’s requirements

Detail of the Social Business Creation announcement: LINK

Round 1 

Submission deadline: April 1.
1. Submit online the business concept presentation (
SBC template is required)
2. Submit online the stakeholder analysis (
SBC template is required)
3. Submit online the proof of social support. Materials accepted as proof of social support are:
Hand signature or e-signature with an endorsement statement
Audio or video record of endorsement
Social media (quantity of “like”, “follower”, “share”, “tweet”, etc.)
Report from petition platforms (e.g.,
Others (you will need to justify)
All supporters must be identifiable. Be creative and employ your own imagination. An important criterion of this competition is creativity. In order to understand the nature of support you receive, we need you to send us your stakeholder analysis (
Note cell A9 which asks “Desired support from this stakeholder”).
Detailed individual feedback will be sent to teams and the results will be announced on April 15. If you pass Round 1, you will receive by April 15 the instruction and credentials to create your web page at which is your main submission for Round 2.
Round 2
Submission deadline: June 1.
1. Teams finalize the business concept presentation on that includes a 100-word business description, a 3-minute video pitch, monetary value of the investment and resources acquired from the crowdfunding and crowdsourcing campaign, links to their social media, and detailed business model explanation (SBC template is required. You will receive it by email by April 15).
2. Teams email to their proof of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing results 

3. (optional) Teams email to any information that they want to be considered in the evaluation (and get feedback on) but do not want to disclose to the public.
Detailed individual feedback will be sent to teams and the results will be announced on June 15. If you pass Round 2, you will receive by June 15 an invitation letter to participate in Round 3 in Montreal.
Round 3
At least one of your team members must participate in the training week from September 23 to September 28 to be qualified for the final presentations.
Semi-final: September 30 morning
Each team has 30-minute presentation and 20-minute Q&A session in a private room with judges. This allows you to reveal confidential information about your business.
The results will be announced just before the final round. Detailed individual feedback will be sent to teams a month later.
Grand final: September 30 evening
Each team has 10-minute public pitch and 10-minute Q&A session in front of grand public.
The results will be announced at the end of the day. Detailed individual feedback will be sent to teams a month later.