Solidarity day 2018 of Faculty of Business Administration

On the morning of November 1st, the Faculty of Business Administration successfully organized the Solidarity Day, the annual photographic day of the Faculty of Business Administration.

Solidarity Day is the annual photographic event held by the Faculty of Business Administration, being supported by FBA Elite club. This event showed an impressive image of the Faculty of Business Administration associated with the wasp – the symbol of hardworking, dynamic and especially united team. With the mission to create a family of bees always being next to each other, Solidarity Day was born.

This event brings together the students and lecturers of the Faculty, which preserves the beautiful images of everyone in the blue color of the faculty as well as the unforgettable memory of each generation of students. This photo shoot brought a really great meaning to every student and lecturer of Business Administration Department, who loved the Faculty of Business Administration because this is also a special event in the chain of events to commemorate the 20th anniversary of its founding: Faculty of Business Administration April 1999 – April 2019.

Here are the pictures of the Solidarity Day 2018: