Student of Faculty of Business Administration won the first prize of Breaking the Limit – Deloitte Passport 2018

The Faculty of Business Administration proudly announce that Nguyễn Ngọc Nguyên- A6 Class K54 – student from the Faculty and his friends won the first prize in Breaking the Limit – Deloitte Passport 2018.

This is a contest for students to practice at Deloitte Vietnam, including personal rounds and team rounds. In the personal round, Ngoc Nguyen and nearly 100 others joined in to answer questions about their knowledge and social knowledge. Ngoc Nguyen and his team have successfully crossed the personal rounds with the other 19 other teammates. In this round, they are divided into 4 teams to present and discuss about the case of professional ethics, sustainable development. Thanks to the good teammates and support each other, Ngoc Nguyen’s team won the Breaking the Limit champion prize with a trip to Singapore in three days to meet in the business case competition organized by Deloitte and ICAEW. This is a contest that gives students a great opportunity and experience.