The High-Quality Hotel Management Program K61 Practical Presentation and Evaluation Session

On January 15, 2024, the Faculty of Business Administration at the Foreign Trade University, in collaboration with their training partner, CitySmart Hospitality Management (CHM) International Academy, successfully organized the Practical Evaluation Report Event for the students of the High-Quality Hotel Management Program K61, themed “Red-letter Day,” at the innovative space of F-HUB.

The event was attended by key figures from CHM International Academy, including Mr. Thomas Chan, the Academy’s founder, and Ms. Mia Vu, the Academy’s Director. Representatives from leading hotel businesses present at the practical evaluation report included Ms. Phan Thanh Hoai, Customer Experience Manager of Grand Mercure Hanoi Hotel, and Ms. Vu Khanh Ly, Conference Sales Manager of InterContinental Hanoi Westlake Hotel.

Representing the Foreign Trade University were Associate Professor Dr. Pham Thu Huong, Vice Rector; Associate Professor Dr. Vu Thi Hien, Head of Training Management Office; Dr. Vo Xuan Loc, Secretary of the Student Union; Associate Professor Dr. Le Thai Phong, Head of the Faculty of Business Administration, along with department heads, faculty members, and lecturers from the Faculty.

The hotel service industry demands practicality, meticulousness, and comprehensive observation skills. To equip students with essential skills before their internships, the students of the High-Quality Hotel Management Program K61 were trained in key hotel operations such as Front Office, Restaurant and Bar, and Housekeeping at the Foreign Trade University and CHM International Academy during the past semester. The practical evaluation report event served as a milestone, marking the readiness of the students in terms of attitude, skills, and professionalism for their future careers in the industry.

A distinctive feature of the “Red-letter Day” was its low-tea (afternoon tea) style, originating from 19th-century England. Here, students took on professional roles in a 5-star international standard restaurant, including Restaurant Manager, Coordinator, Server, and Bartender. Wearing their uniforms, students exhibited professionalism, hospitality, and high responsibility during the practical evaluation report event.

This event undoubtedly provided an excellent learning experience for students on their journey pursuing their passion in Hotel Management for their future careers.