On August 31 at 8 pm, CakeResume VietNam and FBA Elite hosted a webinar titled “Brand yourself – Shape your future.” During the event, we had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Minh Khue, a representative of CakeResume Vietnam, and three esteemed speakers: Mr. Vi Xuan Hoa, the founder of “Su Hao Content,” Ms. Huong Giang, the founder of “Pallete Career Center,” and Ms. Nga Dong (Tiktok @ngadongday). We listened to their insights and gained valuable knowledge about personal branding. 

Numerous questions were posed to the speakers, demonstrating a strong interest in personal branding and a growing recognition of its significance in job searching and self-assertion. FBA Elite extends its sincere thanks for your enthusiastic participation and support during the webinar. We look forward to seeing you at upcoming FBA Elite events.