Workshop of the Faculty of Business Administration: “Sharing experience in building a personal website on New Google Sites”

On the morning of November 8th 2018, Faculty of Business Administration held a workshop on “Sharing experience in building a personal website on New Google Sites”  in room G401, FTU.

Attending the workshop was the Board of Management of the Faculty of Business Administration, staff, lecturers and students of the university. There are many tools available to help you build and manage your personal website, such as Google Sites, BlogSpot, Wix, and WordPress. New Google Sites is a useful tool that integrates Google services with ease especially Google Drive, Google Forms, Google Docs, Youtube, Google Classroom. With Google services, lecturer can store, manage and share personal information (CV online) in both Vietnamese and English, update teaching materials and conduct scientific research, organize classes, create online tutorials, digital tutorials, guide student to do research and many more on the Google platform.

At the workshop, speakers and lecturers of Faculty of Business Administration discussed the following contents:

  1. Design and manage website on New Google Sites candles
  2. Integrate Google tools on New Google Sites
  3. Advanced ownership, security, and domain names

The workshop did successfully provide the participants with practical experiences in building and managing personal websites for teaching and scientific research, drawing the attention of a large number of staffs, lecturers and students.